slingin hash and makin eggs

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


tom is right on. he said "someone watches antm"

so right, tom! so right!

**i tried to find a pic of sheena's hoochie purse-pose from epi was taking too long.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a taste of burlesque

here is a preview to the upcoming short film, "no strings attached" by lisa whitmer.
i think the clip does a great job explaining what burlesque means. i can't wait to see the full film!

i really would love to perform a solo burlesque act....the devil-ettes and baby doe completely opened up that world to me and i am so thankful!
if and when i make my debut, what do you think of the name
"Greta Gazelle"? there was a suggestion to spell it "Greta G'Zelle" (i guess that is more the vein of catherine d'lish) (she is so amazing, btw)

in the meantime, i'm going to dance in carnaval with hot pink feathers in their parade corps. join me (all you have to do is take class and not suck!) in freezing my ass off on mission street in a thong??

Friday, December 19, 2008

when no one wept, except a willow

this song makes me tear up every time. i had no idea that baby's dad was a broadway star!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

le mal et le mal et le bien

1. worst. song. ever.

i mean, i want to brutally murder this song. shut up, pink.

2. i will be ignoring the yahoo group invitation from

3. in devil-ettes news....we only have two more performances this season, so come on out! tonight is the last public one. bardot a go go at rickshaw stop. FREE!



here is our little appearance on the news!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

welcome Rishi!

woah. what a currrAAzzy weekend!
first off a huge WELCOME to the miracle that is Rishi Ray Graham.
Rebecca's New Baby Boy

here is the story.

friday night at 3am (i guess that is technically saturday morning) i got a phone call from rebecca that her water had broken. (her due date was dec 18) holy shit! tom and i drove over to oakland and made it to bex's house about the same time as amol (baby daddy and bex's friend/boyfriend/exboyfriend/parent-partner?....dunno what to call him) we had some cheerios. and then we went to kaiser sf.

i used to think kaiser was pbbbt, but i hafta say i was impressed with most of our experience there! my a-1 favorite feature was the non-existent visitor policy. so while we waited (and waited and waited) for the labor inducing drugs to do their thing, we basicaly had a party. "bring it on" was on tv (twice!). there was uno. saturday afternoon, labor was starting but then it decided to stop again. boogers. sunday we tried again, and this time shit went down. the intense stuff was from 6pm until about 3am....and it. was. intense. i am SO impressed and just in awe of what our bodies can do. rebecca was a warrior. i mean, this shit IS primal as fuck.
finally at 3am, bex got an epidural. (i will be getting mine pretty much as soon as i get pregnant, if possible)

we all slept and then woke up two hours later to a very dialated cervix and some baby hair sticking out of bex (so the docs said...not visible to my non-phd eye)
now this was the coolest part for sure. bex made it seem so easy-peasy. watching him come out was truly awesome. i will never forget that experience. of course we all balled (er, maybe just me and sarah starpoli (bex's friend visiting from NY) did) he was fucking perfect. he IS fucking perfect. (until he is about 2, that is ;)

i am so in love with him. i can't wait** to have my own.

**not entirely true. but when i'm ready i will be excited.

Friday, December 05, 2008

the pug head tilt

via fourfour

Monday, December 01, 2008

total PILF